The BOSU® Elite is an incredible piece of equipment to train with and this course is the essential guide on how to effectively and properly use the BOSU® Elite's new high density dome and design features to achieve maximum results both athletically and aesthetically. This course provides the most important tips, new techniques, and new exercises to get the most out of your BOSU® Elite training and training in general!

There are many ways you can use the BOSU® Elite, however this course teaches you the most effective exercises and introduces all new training concepts that will open your eyes to a whole new approach on training.

The BOSU® Elite instructor course takes you through the steps, diving deep into key aspects of BOSU® Elite training, starting from its inception to its new design and features to individual exercises and client cueing.


  • The BOSU® Elite essential exercises needed to maximize its use and your training
  • The new Compression Strength Training™ technique to make clients instantly faster and stronger and experience immediate carry over
  • The New Coiling Core™ training technique that world class coaches are using to make their players “farm boy" strong and first to the finish every time
  • How to use the BOSU® Elite for “resistance training", not instability training
  • How use the dome side of the BOSU® Elite and BOSU® Balance Trainer to achieve maximum results
  • How to use the BOSU® Elite with every client in every session
  • After successfully passing the BOSU® Elite instructor training you will receive a 2-year certificate of completion.