Our Story

Indonesia Fitness Academy is an education driven company created to progress the fitness industry forward. We seek out evolving science of human design, function, and performance with a focus on human improvement. Partnering with the top fitness education companies around the world to bring you they’re official certifications, qualifications and methodologies.

Mission Statement

“We help people inspire others to achieve more”

Our Mission

At IFA we practice and teach the science of living well, we are student focused and that means our teaching methods, policies and procedures are designed to ensure you have a great educational experience with us. Using the latest and most up to date proven methods of tutor-student, student-student interaction you gain knowledge and skills in a way that is non-stressful and completely enjoyable.

Indonesia Fitness Academy values are:


Love people

Our people and the people they teach, guide and support are all moving towards living the best life possible. We are absolutely dedicated to their success.

Love fitness

We are driven to inspire people towards the best there is in fitness education, and we relentlessly pursue that goal.

Balance Mind-Body-Spirit

We strive to sustain balance between the physical and psychological.

Are you ready to reach for your goals, personally and professionally? Are you ready to challenge yourself? See what it takes to be a part of a team of like-minded people.