Tatsujin Kickboxing Certification

Become a Tatsujin Kickboxing Coach: empowering personal trainers with martial arts.

  • Elevate Your Career with the Tatsujin Training System.
  • Feel confident and qualified to coach anyone.
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Tatsujin Training System: The Game-Changer For Personal Trainers

The Tatsujin Training System is more than just a kickboxing course. As an elite, world-class program designed by martial arts champion, Martijn de Jong, it empowers fitness trainers with a multitude of benefits:

1. Become A Certified Kickboxing Coach:

Equip yourself with globally recognized kickboxing techniques, dramatically improving your teaching capabilities and credibility in the fitness industry.

2. Expand Your Portfolio:

With kickboxing added to your arsenal, you’ll be able to satisfy a wider range of clients’ needs and preferences, giving you a competitive edge.

3. Boost Member Retention & Attraction:

Diverse and engaging classes not only help retain current members but also attract new ones, contributing to growth and the overall success of the gym.

4. Increase Your Marketability:

Our globally recognized certification enhances your professional appeal, providing potential for higher income.

5. Foster Personal Development:

Embrace a journey of personal growth as our program challenges you physically and mentally, building resilience and fostering a lifelong learning attitude.

6. Join Our Global Community:

Become a part of the Tatsujin community, a global network of martial arts professionals that provides opportunities for collaboration, shared learning, and networking.

7. Build Confidence:

Mastery of new skills inspires confidence, empowering you to cater to a diverse clientele with ease.

8. Improve Engagement:

Exciting training methods translate to higher member engagement, resulting in a more vibrant and motivating gym environment.

9. Enjoy Continued Learning:

Stay at the forefront of martial arts techniques and training methodologies with ongoing learning opportunities as part of the Tatsujin community.

10. Gain Industry Recognition:

Leverage the renowned Tatsujin brand to stand out in the competitive fitness sector and receive greater recognition within the industry.

11. Enhance Member Satisfaction:

Delivering a broader range of workout options leads to improved client satisfaction, stimulating positive referrals and building your reputation.

12. Advance Your Career:

The knowledge and skills you acquire from our program open new career pathways, including opportunities for leadership roles within the fitness industry.