The RMT® Club by WeckMethod is rapidly becoming the go-to training tool for professional fitness trainers and top level athletes who want to improve functional strength, mobility, and total body integration. The RMT® Club's unique features have been specifically designed to help people move more athletically by unifying and strengthening the entire body.

We now offer the RMT® Club Instructor Training online for those who can't make the live trainings! This comprehensive online course teaches you everything you need to know in order to properly teach essential exercises and programming formats for the RMT® Club. The online course includes educational sections that take you through the key principles and features of the RMT® Club. The course also contains video tutorials detailing specific exercises with proper cueing for each exercise, a how-to-guide for setting up program formats, and implementing circuit training into existing workouts.

The educational material is delivered through an easy-to-navigate interactive portal consisting of detailed video explanations and required tests for each section. After you have passed the final section, you will be asked to submit videos demonstrating specific exercises along with the proper cueing for a final review.

This is a great, convenient way to get your RMT® Club instructor training without the added expense of travel or bending schedules. Best yet, the online training includes a discount on equipment! Please see equipment and registration below for more details.







  • Product Overview and Key Concepts
  • Acclimation & Safety
  • Unique Product Features and Application
  • Fundamental Positions & Prerequisites
  • Mobility, Swinging, Striking, Counterweight, Chambering and Dynamic Exercise Progressions
  • Single Handed and Double Handed Exercises Progressions
  • How to Integrate into Existing Workouts
  • After completing your online course you will receive a certificate of completion that is good for 2 years.