WeckMethod – RMT Club Certification

Obtain RMT® Club certification from IFA and gain in-depth knowledge to become an exceptional fitness educator.

  • Submerge yourself in this cutting-edge training tool.
  • Gain experience and confidence in your abilities.
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Why take the  RMT® Club certification?

The RMT® Club Certification explores the versatility of this amazing training tool. Our certification program equips you to maximize the RMT® Club's endless applications and uses. We provide comprehensive breakdowns on each specific club technique, foundational principles, and interval workouts tailored for RMT® Club.

Using the RMT® Club, we focus on Rotational Strength, Power, and Fluidity. You'll master movement expression and unlock the amazing carry-over effects to other training modalities like dumbbells and kettlebells.

Join us for a day of creative thinking, movement expression, skill development, programming, and practical application. We want to help you become a great coach so you can help others reach their fitness goals.

Join The RMT® Club Certification and transform into a rotational movement training expert. Unlock the RMT® Club's potential and improve your coaching. This revolutionary training tool will empower you and your clients.