Is your passion to be a Group Fitness Instructor? Do you want a career in the fitness industry? IFA has the perfect qualification to help get you started on the right path. Learn scientifically proven fundamentals of group fitness from exercise programming and motivation techniques to music selection to deliver unforgettable classes. Every time!

  • Understanding human movement

Learn proper foot placement and body alignment focused on the primary movement patterns people perform throughout the day and in group fitness classes.

  • Intelligent selection and sequencing of movements

Understand how to develop systematic class blueprints with planned progressions and regressions through interactive learning activities.

  • Provide engaging classes

Discover how to encourage individuals of varying ages and fitness levels to come as they are and to share in a positive class experience.

  • Communication strategies and behavioural change

Find the best cues and develop unique ways to motivate all class participants not just your regular hardcore fans.

  • Creating memorable movement experiences

Obtain skills to inspire and motivate class participants through interactive learning activities focused on creating opening and closing statements, music selection, powerful transitions and strategies for providing effective feedback.

Today's group fitness landscape is as energized and diverse as the students and instructors moving and building community together in studios everywhere. From strength training to dance-based workouts to mind-body classes, the IFA Group Fitness Instructor Qualification gives you the versatility to keep your career-and your community-moving and shaking. Here are a few of the many career opportunities available to you as a Qualified Group Fitness Instructor: