IFA – Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach

Become an IFA – Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach to help you take your coaching to the next level:

  • Design safe, effective performance-enhancing programs for all clients.
  • Rooted in evidence-based strength and conditioning principles.
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Why Become an IFA – Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach?

Prepare yourself for a remarkable advancement in your fitness career. Our Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach course is meticulously designed to empower qualified fitness instructors like you with the necessary skills and expertise to prescribe safe and effective performance-enhancing exercises for both athletes and individuals. Whether you work in a team setting or provide personalized training, this course equips you with practical coaching skills that will propel your professional success.

Upon successful completion of this comprehensive program, you will possess the indispensable strength and conditioning skills required to expand your role as a personal trainer and exercise coach. Tailored specifically for exercise professionals, personal trainers, and health coaches in the commercial health fitness industry, this course equips you with the knowledge and expertise to lead bootcamp-style strength and conditioning sessions.

Enrolling in this course empowers you with the confidence and capabilities to lead strength and conditioning sessions in a variety of settings, including health clubs, fitness centers, and sporting clubs. Whether you choose to work as an employed trainer or as an independent contractor, this certification unlocks exciting opportunities in the field.

The course materials include the IFA – Strength & Conditioning textbook, most up-to-date, evidence-based information in the field of strength & conditioning. Covering essential topics such as sport analysis, performance assessment, biomechanics, weightlifting techniques, speed and agility training, programming considerations, and more, this textbook serves as your guide toward achieving high-level competency in human performance.

Embark on your journey today and become a Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach, propelling your career to new heights. Expand your skillset, make a profound impact on your clients' fitness journeys, and deliver exceptional results. With this certification, you will be equipped to guide individuals toward achieving their performance and fitness goals with precision and expertise.

Join our presale list today and embark on a revolutionary path to becoming a skilled Strength & Conditioning Coach. Expand your knowledge, make a positive difference in the lives of others, and leave an enduring legacy in the field of movement coaching.