IFA – Foundation of MSCS Coach

Become an IFA – Foundation of MSCS (Medicine Balls, Sandbells, Conditioning Ropes & Sled Training).

  • Enhance your knowledge and expertise by mastering the foundations of Medicine Balls, Sandbells, Conditioning Ropes, and Sled Training.
  • Incorporate functional movement principles into your clients training sessions.
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Why Become an IFA – Foundation of MSCS Coach?

Foundation of MSCS (Medicine Balls, Slambells, Conditioning Ropes, and Sled Training). Clients nowadays want to look and move well. This thorough course on full-body metabolic fitness and functional training will improve your coaching abilities.

Throughout this course, you will learn over 70 new movements specifically designed to enhance your clients' strength, power, and endurance. You may create dynamic and effective training routines for different fitness objectives and levels using Medicine Balls, Sandbells, Conditioning Ropes, and Sleds.

We will teach you how to create multi-muscle group movements that improve coordination and functional movement patterns. Throws, slams, pulls, pushes, and sled pushes using Medicine Balls, Sandbells, Conditioning Ropes, and Sleds will be covered.

Master Medicine Balls, Sandbells, Conditioning Ropes, and Sled Training with this transforming adventure. Expand your coaching repertoire, help your clients achieve new strength and endurance levels, and create inspiring and transformative workouts.

Look no further for a novel, highly effective, full-body kinetic chain exercise and conditioning program to spice up your clients' health and fitness routine. Rope and Slambell movements boosts strength, power, and endurance while toning and burning calories. Rope undulations immediately raise your heart rate to ideal levels.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will possess the knowledge and skills to:

  • Instruct clients in the safe, effective, and appropriate use of ropes and Sandbells.
  • Integrate and embrace the principles of rope and Sandbell training into clients' health and fitness regimens.
  • Plan and design effective training programs for individuals with mixed fitness levels, helping them achieve their goals, whether it be gaining strength, endurance, power, or other objectives.
  • Incorporate rope and Sandbell training as efficient and effective tools in strength and conditioning programs to enhance athletic performance.

Join our presale list today to begin your revolutionary journey to become a skilled and impactful movement coach. Expand your knowledge, make a positive difference in the lives of others, and leave a lasting legacy in the field of movement coaching.