Step 1: MOVE

Get off your backside and go do stuff!! Assess whether your stability or mobility are adequate for whatever you choose to do.

Step 2: REMOVE

Remove any restrictions to proper movement by either increasing your stability strength or increasing your range of motion through better flexibility.


Challenge your abilities and reach new heights! Never grow complacent, for when you start “going through the motions” you no longer make progress.

Step 4: REPEAT

Repeat the move, remove, improve sequence to continually “sharpen the saw” and make you the BEST YOU you can be!

Get Certified to Teach Them

Want to learn how to take better care of your muscles?

Come learn what is possible through self-care.

With our hands-on clinics you will learn how to work your body from head to toe, locate the muscles that contribute to proper joint function, and address the ones that limit proper range of motion when they lock up.

If your issue is muscle related you’ll learn techniques that can help. You will also learn cues for proper tool placement, ‘land marking’, and body position, as well as when it is time to call a licensed therapist.