IFA – Certified Group Fitness Instructor

Become a Certified Group Fitness Instructor with IFA and uncover your true potential.

  • Feel the joy and excitement of leading a group fitness class.
  • Grow in confidence as you power up your knowledge to coach anyone.
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Why Become an IFA – Certified Group Fitness Instructor?

The IFA – Certified Group Fitness Instructor training will transform your group fitness career! This electrifying 4-day in-person intensive is designed to supercharge your understanding and application of the exhilarating Group Fitness Concepts and Principles.

Enrol today for a life-changing experience. Explore muscular anatomy, group exercise physiology, and the keys to great group classes. We've got it all: exciting warm-ups, heart-pounding cardio (low to high intensity), sculpting exercises that shape and tone, powerful cool-downs, and restorative stretches.

Wait, there's more! We gift you a complete career and business training system after making you a world-class educator. This wonderful book will equip you to change countless lives and get the credit and compensation you deserve.

Join us and discover a wealth of learning resources. A detailed manual that will guide you to perfection. Explore our thorough, user-friendly training videos 24/7. We're committed to your success, so you'll have lifetime access to these useful tools after graduation.

To become a "Certified Group Fitness Instructor," you'll take a thrilling 100-question multiple-choice exam. Win by scoring 70% or above. After the exam, your results will be sent swiftly, relieving the suspense, and giving you a sense of success.

As a certified instructor, you will be proud of your skills, knowledge, and certification. Join us today and start a career that will change lives.

Take this rare opportunity. Join the IFA – Certified Group Fitness Instructor course today to create an incredible future. As a respected group fitness leader, prepare to soar.